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About Me & NLP

Leading/Creative/Experience/Energetic/Young and Professional NLP coach in Nepal who have been empowering people from one and half decade in and outside the country has been synonym as the name Himal Ojha. He is a person who have started NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) in simple Nepali Language to help all the Nepali understand it. Considering NLP as the most effective tools to make our life smooth, successful, easy and powerful, he has designed the NLP course according to the level of understanding.

Capacity to developed own training manual is the capacity that few trainers holds and he is one of them. He has developed different modules which may helpful to the people who are in profession such as Sales, Marketing, teaching, business, training, coaching, counselling, and social work. The list doesn’t end here anyone who want to help and contribute to other can join his workshop according to need and comfortable venue.

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Our Course

  • NLP Sub-conscious Re-imprinting Practitioner Program (3 whole days)

  • NLP wellness Program (2days)

  • NLP for Corporate (one Day)

  • NLP for Parents (One Day)

  • NLP For Counselling (One Day)

  • NLP For Relationship

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Aryan Lc
Ignite Infosys Pvt Ltd

About Our Practice

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